Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a little overwhelmed

So, here I am - 3 'official' days into classes and I'm feeling rather overwhelmed and a bit lost. The good news is, I'm taking a week off (beginning Friday) to dog sit for my brother-in-law while several family members go on an Alaskan cruise. I'd much prefer the cruise but ah well. They have 7 (SEVEN) dogs, 6 of which are Corgis, and one a Jack Russell. (at least they have a big yard!) We plan to bring our Corgi with us so he can visit his 'family'. Yeah, we're a little nuts about our puppies!
At any rate, I'm taking my laptop and will be able to devote a ton of time on homework (uh - in between feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, etc.) I'm hoping I'll feel much better about everything by this time next week.


My Daily List said...

That's a lot of dogs:)

The Girl Kind of Shawn said...

Each semester I feel like I'm drowning in the beginning. I think it's because you get hit with all your classes all at once. I get into a bit of a tailspin because I'm not sure where to start. But, things seem to work out where due dates are spaced out and you get into a routine. It doesn't always feel overwhelming. :)

Anonymous said...

Not to worry as I agree with Shawn that it's not always overwhelming. In the beginning yes, but the routine is what helps to get you organized and keep you motivated to stay in the race.

What has helped me for the last two semesters is to divide my classes into certain days of the week, providing myself with weekends off to relax and recoop in preparation for the next week. My more demanding classes are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and my less demanding class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now this schedule may not work for you, but it's just to provide you with an example of how to help you not feel so overwhelmed. I almost guarantee that you will feel this way during mid-term and finals time, but I think as long as you keep organized and prioritize the most important to least important, you'll do just fine. Good luck to ya!

mreeves said...

I'm going to post on this blog because it's the most recent even though it's kinda old. C'mon Mom, you need another =)

I always complain about how much work my school is with my job and homework and what not and then I read these and realize how much more you have to do. You drive over ten hours a week to get to work, you then work 40+ hours, have class and homework and still manage to be the best mom we could ask for.

You're amazing and I know that you can get through school. I know that when you are done I'll come home and celebrate with you or I can just make you come to Mexico to celebrate with me =)

Anyways...these are interesting and I hope you post more because I would love to read them.

Buena Suerte! (Good luck!)

Love you...